Plan ahead to ensure your loved ones’ future


While we cannot determine when we will die, we can most certainly prepare for it.

Deciding early to write a will is a wise decision that will ensure your peace of mind. A will allows you to plan your succession and ensure that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes. In drafting your will, the notary will make sure to choose clear and specific language to avoid any ambiguity or complications for your family. A notarized will has many benefits. For one, a notarized will takes effect immediately upon death, and it can very easily be traced, thanks to the Register of Testamentary Dispositions and Mandates of the Chambre des notaires du Québec. A notarized will can save your family time, money and complications.

Settling a succession is not a simple task, and even minor errors can have serious fiscal and legal consequences! Why not ask us to support and advise you in settling your succession? We can provide simple guidance, or a full service that will give you peace of mind at a difficult and very emotional time.

The notary’s role is vital. Notaries protect you!

Take advantage of our services. We will give you solid advice so you can make your wishes clearly known, and we will see that all that is important to you is included in your will. We can also settle the estate of a loved one so you don’t have to worry.
Services offered in estate settlement
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  • Trust under will
  • Will search
  • Reading of wills and legal advice

Reading of wills and legal advice